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China’s Generation Green receives National Edward R. Murrow Award

China’s Generation Green has won the National Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Online Video News Series. The multimedia series tells the stories of young Chinese who have rejected traditional career paths in favor of working to improve their environment. The project was conducted by a team of 10 journalism students in the International Reporting Program in collaboration with 7 Chinese journalism students from Shantou University and Cheung Kong School of Journalism & Communication in Guangdong province.

This is not the first award China’s Generation Green has received. In the last year, the project won the COPA Award for Best Interactive Story, the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Non-Deadline Online Reporting from the Society of Professional Journalists, and an International Region Murrow Award for Small Online News Organization Video Series.

The focus of China’s Generation Green is on the young people who are trying to make a difference in their environmental landscape. Five student reporting teams worked across China, focusing on water, food, wildlife preservation, air quality and waste issues. Through a mix of words, sound, video, photos and graphics, the teams tell the stories of these pioneers of the emerging Chinese environmental movement. In June 2014, the project was published in the Toronto Star.

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Will Shrimp Safety Questions Pose Jumbo Problem For Trade Deal?

By Matthew Mosk and Brian Ross. Published June 2015.

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