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Al Jazeera Al Jazeera English’s “People and Power” featured a half hour documentary on the IRP’s Pain Project Global 16×9 Canadian broadcaster Global’s magazine program “16×9” featured a two-part series on the IRP’s Pain Project CBS Sunday Morning CBS Sunday Morning features the Pain Project’s reporting on the Uganda solution to morphine access AHCJ awards […]

New England Journal of Medicine Painful Inequities — Palliative Care in Developing Countries
NPR/WNYC Brian Lehrer Show Interview with Brian Lehrer
Anesthesiology News Student Documentary Spotlights Worldwide Morphine Shortage and its Impact on Patients in Pain
NPR Kojo Nnamdi Show Interview with Kojo Nnamdi
CBC The Early Edition Painkiller documentary
The Guardian Journalism students discover why countries lack morphine
The Tyee Needless Pain, a Global Scourge: Morphine can’t be had in much of world; film by UBC students shows terrible toll
Vancouver Sun Documentary by UBC journalism students aired on Al Jazeera
E! Science News UBC Journalism Project Documents Global Pain
Uprising Radio KPFK Los Angeles Freedom From Pain
CBC News Canada Al-Jazeera to air UBC student doc; Freedom from Pain looks at how access to morphine is restricted by global drug policies
Pallium India Documentary: Freedom from Pain
Open File
UBC students explore global problem regarding access to morphine
Ottawa Sun Millions in pain because of red tape, politics
Toronto Sun Millions in pain because of red tape, politics
Vancouver Sun War on drugs’ blocks medical access to morphine; patients suffering from terminal illnesses in some countries denied pain killer, UBC Graduate School of Journalism study finds
Calgary Herald Drug war denying morphine to patients: UBC study
Leader-Post Global war on drugs denies morphine to patients: study
National Post Morphine: Global war on drugs a pain for cancer patients
Medical News Today Global Pain Crisis Documented by UBC Journalism Project
India Times UBC Graduate School of Journalism launches ‘The Pain Project’ site
Cancer News Digest Global Pain Crisis Documentary by UBC Journalism Project
Pallium India Global War on Drugs Denies Morphine to Patients
Vancouver Sun Finding The Global Stories Hiding In Plain Sight
Utne Reader Sister Morphine: A Little Bit Of Pain Relief Goes A Long Way—If You Can Get It
Telegraph 21 Freedom From Pain
Pain Policy “Freedom From Pain” Documentary

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