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Dying for Land | Beneath the Boom

Dying for Land

In southwest Brazil, cattle ranching and other types of farming have turned the country into one of the major breadbaskets of the world. However, many of these lucrative farms are on ancestral Guarani land. As Guarani tribes have begun reclaiming their ancestral land, clashes with farmers have led to violence. Many Brazilians have been killed, put on death lists or chased off their land as a result of clashes over precious land.

The international reporting program travelled to the state of Mato Grosso De Sol to understand how the land disputes between the two groups are upending violence in the region and to see how the government responds to the land disputes.  The program visited the the Silvas’, a middle-class farming family, the Guarani villages and interviewed the UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous peoples to understand the stalemate and resolutions.